Philosophy & Values

Our philosophy and values

Our philosophy and values

When he founded the publishing house in 1908, Condé Montrose Nast had a visionary concept for his new business. He believed magazine journalism was a vocation that strove for perfection and high quality. With his sense of excellence and innovation, he shaped the corporate values that even today make Condé Nast a unique and style-setting media enterprise. Take a trip back in time with a video illustrating how our philosophy and values have shaped our publishing house over the course of its history.

Our Values

An obsession with quality

Condé Nast currently publishes more than 143 titles and numerous digital publications in 30 markets, reaching a worldwide readership of more than 263 million. That success can be ascribed not only to the extraordinary people who have left their mark on the company since the beginning, but also to uncompromising editorial standards that are reflected at every level of the publishing house. It is an approach unique in the media industry and it not only captivates readers, but also guarantees the loyalty of creative talent such as notable writers, photographers, illustrators, and art directors.

Pride & passion

Among publishing houses worldwide, Condé Nast has one of the richest traditions, and is one of the most unique and influential companies in the field. To be a part of Condé Nast is more than just a job. Condé Nast employees are proud of their work and the company’s brands. They are committed to upholding Condé Nast’s high standards, and bring to the job passion, great personal commitment, a strong sense of responsibility, and a determination to constantly improve the work and re-interpret daily tasks.

Entrepreneurial spirit & courage

In its more than century-old history, Condé Nast has always allowed itself the luxury of staying true to itself. Since its founding in 1909, decisions at Condé Nast have been characterized not by thoughts of quarterly returns, but rather by long-term, bold corporate initiatives. The legend that is Condé Nast is based on unique and innovative publishing concepts that have not only changed Condé Nast, but continue to decisively influence photography and how fashion, culture, and style are presented in the international media and fashion industries. 

Loyalty & trust

Today, Condé Nast is in excellent financial shape. For decades, the publisher has followed a clear policy of business principles attuned to the long term, as well as great editorial autonomy in individual markets. Condé Nast gives the company’s staff a great deal of managerial and creative freedom. Trust and loyalty are the key factors determining Condé Nast’s attitude.