General Questions

As long as a job is still posted online here , it is still available.

Our headquarters are in downtown Munich, with good public transportation connections. All editorial offices, the marketing departments, the digital teams as well as the commercial and technical departments are located in Munich.

As the German subsidiary of the Condé Nast Group, we are a regional, independent company. So we suggest that you submit an application directly to the recruiting offices in the respective country, or to Condé Nast International, headquartered in London. You'll find additional information and contact details on the following websites: or

Writing and other freelance work is commissioned independently by the editor-in-chief, head copy editor, or department head of each magazine. You can find contact details for those people on the masthead of the individual print or digital publications.

We’re always looking for talent and are happy to hear from applicants who want to be a part of Condé Nast. General applications can also be submitted online. We’ll see if we have a slot to offer you. Fluency in German is a prerequisite for internships and employment with Condé Nast Germany, so the online application process is available only in German.

The two sectors are fully integrated in most divisions. Ad sales are handled centrally across both print and online. And the two formats work hand in hand in the editorial offices. So ideally, you don’t want to specify “either or,” but rather “both,” because you feel at home in both worlds.

Apart from that, however, we do need specialists in the central digital divisions - particularly in hardware, data management, and related areas.

The media live from creativity, skill, and the passion of employees. So we constantly strive to shepherd and foster you along your personal and professional path. When a position becomes vacant or a new job is created, filling it with in-house talent is our first preference.

In you’re applying cold, you can certainly tell us if you’re only interested in working at a specific one of our outlets. But keep in mind that it will limit your options and you might miss out on an interesting job.


Internships for university students are available in almost all our divisions to give you a first look at how things work. It is sometimes possible to later go on to do a trainee program in a specific area or an internship in the online editorial offices. In the accounting and business division, we regularly train people for careers in print and digital media.

The first pre-requisite is that you are enrolled in a university or equivalent vocational training. It makes good sense to do an internship while you’re still in school, to garner experience and get a sense of what working in magazine publishing is all about. Condé Nast internships can qualify for college credit or compulsory work-study experience if your school allows it or you can work with us during a holiday period.

The specific conditions of internships vary from division to division and department to department - they are as diverse as our magazines. You’ll find more details in our current list of available internships.

As a rule, an internship last for three months, unless your school’s work-study requirment is for a longer period. Our aim is to give interns a thorough grounding in our operations, as much specific knowledge as possible, and the time to ask questions. That's not really possible with an internship of less than three months. Don’t worry, you won’t be making coffee. Everyone who works here can do that themselves.

Trainees and long-term interns are assigned a mentor, given more responsibility for certain tasks, and in addition to getting to know the division where they work, they also learn how the department interfaces with other departments and centralized departments. Trainees are completely integrated into the daily office routine, participate actively in projects, and are already in a position to have input into the business. The concept also includes theoretical training.

We try to give younger people a chance to explore the media industry. However, as a mid-sized business we have very few intern slots for younger students, and they go very quickly.

We do offer a training program for digital and print media management, according to the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce standards. The training program begins in September and, depending on your previous schooling, takes two to three years to complete. During that time, our trainees will be familiarized with the entire structure of the publishing house. The training program prepares participants for a career in the non-editorial sector of the industry, in marketing, distribution, or other business departments.

Our main goal in training young job market entrants is to prepare people for a career with one of our own publications. In-house applicants who are familiar with the company’s structures and processes are considered first for open and newly-created jobs. Of course, we can’t guarantee we’ll have a job for you after your training, but if both sides agree on goals and expectations, we will always do our best to place you. In our experience, you have a realistic chance of finding a job with us.


Please use our online application tool, so we can process your application as quickly as possible. Of course, you can also send us your application by regular mail. Fluency in German is a prerequisite for internships and employment with Condé Nast Germany, so the online application process is available only in German.

After answering a few initial questions, the online recruiting tool allows you to upload any supporting documentation for your application. You should feel free to write whatever kind of application you wish. But we do ask that you include a cover letter stating clearing which job you’re applying for and your motivation, your resume, and copies of any relevant academic or vocational diplomas, or letters of reference from previous jobs. The maximum size for uploaded files is 5 MB.

After submitting your application online, you will receive an automatic e-mail acknowledging receipt. Further processing in consultation with the individual departments takes a little time. So we ask that you be patient until you hear from us.