As the German subsidiary of one of the largest private media concerns in the world, we combine a strong international reputation and a global network with all the advantages of a medium-sized publisher. Our brands are both our pride and our strength - premium brands with a long tradition, outstanding quality standards, and a strong market position.

Great brands are created and shaped by people - people with entrepreneurial spirit, passion, pluck, and long-term vision. Our employees at Condé Nast Germany are key to our business. Their creativity, pursuit of perfection, curiosity, and innovative strength are both the foundation and a continuing guarantee of our success.
Our corporate culture is based on trust. We believe in a dynamic working environment with horizontal organization, rapid decision-making processes, and open doors and ears. The present and the future of all divisions – editorial and marketing, as well as the central digital, technical, and sales divisions - are shaped by open-minded and highly professional teams of manageable size.

With creative autonomy and beholden only to Condé Nast’s brand philosophy and quality standards, the divisions work together to shape our print and digital media products. This requires freedom, team spirit, and a constructive working climate. We promote interdisciplinary cooperation, discourage limits on the thought process or boundaries between departments and innovation. Our staff’s cross-media thinking, the desire and will to learn at every level, and joy in experimentation create the ideal environment to recognize and take advantage of opportunities.

You can learn more about Condé Nast Germany and international, as well as our various brands, business segments, and history by clicking on  “about us.”

Working at Condé Nast

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Current open positions

Fluency in German is a prerequisite for internships and employment with Condé Nast Germany, so the online application process is available only in German.